Lee Middle and High School Internship Program
Outline and Expectations for Students

The internship program is an individualized career education opportunity that offers our students hands-on experience and insight into a particular profession. It is coordinated and supervised by the LMHS Internship Coordinator. Students receive credits based on the number of hours they spend at the work site. In order to be eligible for the internship students must have an approved site, a completed and signed employer acknowledgement, and a completed internship contract submitted to the Internship Coordinator before they begin work at the site.

Internship Expectations and Employer Acknowledgement

LMHS Internship Contract

The student intern must:
  • Be scheduled at the site for a minimum of 3.75 hours per week
    • 3.75 hours per week for the entire school year = 1 credit
    • 7.50 hours per week for the entire school year = 2 credits  
  • Document hours worked and have it verified by the internship supervisor. Must be turned in at the end of each marking quarter (Not applicable for in school interns).
  • Schedule and document make-up time for any time lost due to absence.
  • Notify the internship mentor ahead of time if you are going to be absent.
    • 3 or more unexcused absences may lead to the termination of your internship.
  • Students must complete all required quarterly assignments.