Applying to College? Start here!

Step #1 - Build your college list. A general guideline would be 6-10 schools with a couple being "safety" schools that you are confident you will get into and can afford, a couple being reach schools that you may not get into, and a few in between.

Step #2 - Create a free Common Application account (if schools on your list use the Common App) and/or determine the application process for schools that do not accept the Common App.

Step #3 - Request letters of recommendation from teachers and your counselor. This needs to be done both in person and online through Naviance.

Step #4 - Send your SAT/ACT scores to all of the schools that require them. Scores must be sent directly from the College Board and/or ACT website.

Step #5 - Request that your transcripts be sent to all of the colleges that you are applying to. The preferred method of requesting your transcripts is to send an email to Requests can also be made in person or by phone.

Step #6 - Check to see if any of the colleges you’re applying to have any other forms or requirements. Some schools will require you to fill out the CSS Profile or another financial aid form with the application. The steps listed here are a general guide. It's possible that some colleges will have their own requirements in addition to the steps listed here.

Step #7 - Submit applications. It's a good idea to submit applications at least a week before the deadline. You should also contact the admissions offices of the schools you apply to and confirm they have received all of the requirements.

Step #8 - Wait for responses. Many schools will send admissions decisions by email or post them online in some type of portal that the students will have access to. Some will mail admission decision letters.

Step #9 - Complete the FAFSA (Available October 1)and any other financial aid documents required by your colleges. Each college you are accepted to will send you a financial aid package.

Step #10 - The big decision. You will compare financial aid packages for all of the schools you are accepted to and make the final decision about what school is best for you. Final decisions will be made by May 1st.

All students at LMHS have access to Naviance. The college application process is managed almost entirely online including sending letters of recommendation and transcripts (through Naviance). Students and parents having difficulty with any of the technical requirements of this process are welcome to make an appointment to come to the College and Career Center where I can sit down and go through any and/or all of these steps with you.

For more detailed information, check out the LMHS Guide to the College Planning and Application Process.