The American Legion Student Trooper Program 2017

The American Legion, Department of Massachusetts, Inc. sponsors a "Student Trooper Program" in cooperation with the Massachusetts State Police Academy every year.

Our desire is to recruit youths representing all communities and cultural backgrounds and to increase their understanding of the job of police officers. The program is designed to expose young adults to the demands of police training and to develop better relationships between the youth of our communities and the police that serve them.

The Student Trooper program is an intensive, one week, residential learning experience for young adults, ages 15 thru 17. The program is held at the Massachusetts State Police Academy in New Braintree.

The Student Trooper program is not a summer camp and is not designed for troubled teenagers. The program is mentally and physically demanding. The Massachusetts State Police Academy uses a paramilitary approach to training, and discipline is strict. Vigorous physical training, including running and calisthenics, is required. Reveille is at 5:30AM and "lights out" is at 10:00PM. Candidates should be highly motivated and willing to work as a team to succeed in daily challenges.

Veteran Massachusetts State Police trainers will provide classroom and hands-on training in topics such as First Aid/CPR, Criminal Law, Officer Safety, Crime Scene Investigations, Safe Driving, Leadership, Internet Safety, Team Building, and Physical Fitness. Student Troopers will also observe and participate in demonstrations by members of State Police specialty units such as tactical teams, the K-9 Unit, and the Air Wing.

Student Troopers who graduate from the program will be proud of their accomplishments. The lessons learned will serve them well for years to come.

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LMHS College Planning Night

Wednesday, April 5th, 6-7pm
(Students in SAT prep will get out in time to go to class)
In the LMHS Library
Juniors and any sophomores looking to get a head start on the process are encouraged to attend!

Topics will include: Building your college list, college admission requirements, admissions plans, components of the application, Naviance, Common Application, SAT and ACT, the college essay, requesting transcripts, letters of recommendation, interviews, financial aid, time for questions and answers, and more.

College Application Essentials Workshop Series

Start your senior year prepared and ready for the college application process. Workshops will run during period 6 lunch. Students will be allowed to go to the front of the line, get their lunch, and bring it to room B123 (across the hall from the cafe). We will begin at 12:20, so please be prompt. Juniors must be registered for the workshops in advance. The cost is $20 and includes a copy of the Fiske Guide to Colleges 2017 ($24.99 value). To register, bring cash or a check made out to ‘LMHS’ to Mr. Korte by Friday, April 14. Financial assistance available upon request for students qualified for free/reduced lunch.

Week #1 - April 24-27
Introduction to Naviance, Brag Sheet and Activity Resume
The first day of this week will be an instructional overview on how to access Naviance Family Connection, how to complete the brag sheet, and what an activity resume is and why you need one. The remaining 3 days will be used as time to complete the brag sheet and develop an activity resume with the help of your counselor. The brag sheet and activity resume are documents to be given to your teachers and counselor before they write your letter of recommendation. Doing a thorough job in completing this first step can go a long way in getting recommendations that give an accurate picture of who you are to colleges.

Week #2 - May 1-4
Letters of Recommendation
On day one, we will discuss the importance of getting strong letters of recommendation and how to go about it. On day two, students will identify two teachers who they will ask for letters. Before they come back on day three they will ask the teacher in person to write them a letter. On day three they will send follow up emails to the teachers they have requested letters from with their brag sheet and activity resume attached. They will also submit the request through Naviance. On day 4, the students will draft a thank you letter/email to be sent to the teachers once the letters are completed.

Week #3 - May 8-11
The College Essay
On the first day of the week students will be presented with the Common Application essay prompts, and given information about how to write an effective college essay. The next three days will be spent writing their college essay in Google Docs. By the end of the week, students will share what they have written with their counselor for revision. The essay will then be shared with a teacher for further review and feedback.

Week #4 - May 15-18
Building your College List
This week will start off with a discussion of the different criteria to consider when building a college list, and how to go about actually building a preliminary list. Students will use Naviance and other resources, and save a list of colleges they would like to apply to in their Naviance Family Connection accounts.

Week #5 - May 22-25
Common Application
Throughout this week, students will create a free Common Application account, learn how to answer many of the questions that the Common App requires, and actually complete the majority of their Common Application. The Common Application is accepted by nearly 700 colleges and universities.

Week #6 - May 30-June 1
Admissions Plans (Early Action, Early Decision, etc), Financial Aid, Testing Requirements
Day 1 - Admission deadlines and the advantages and disadvantages of each
Day 2 - Financial aid topics including the FAFSA, CSS Profile, and scholarships including timelines
Day 3 - College testing requirements (SAT, ACT, SAT II, etc.)

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